yes, there are still farms

where dairy cows have long, loved lives

grazing wide open pastures

and part of a herd family of

all creatures great and small

our farm is just one of these places

for 7 generations over 200 years

our legacy was built on the magic of milk and the great Jersey cow


imagine a cowtopia where the cows are truly sacred

and imagine that you could come to this place

that you could have experiences around these beautiful bovines that rejuvenate your body and soul

knowing that your visit matters

to make it so places like ours can continue to exist


Our tours are by reservation only (and weather dependent)

Email Shannon at or call (607)652-2814 to schedule your visit. From April-November, here’s what you can expect when you come:

Arrive at 2:30, and immerse yourselves in our world! Join us in the pasture with some of our special girls, and you’ll have the opportunity to closely interact with the cows- brush them, pet them, take photos with them, and ask us anything you’ve ever wanted to know about dairy farming. Then we’ll send you off on hike through our beautiful forest. The trail takes about an hour to walk (horseback and atv rides are available as well). You’ll emerge from the woods to a breathtaking view from one of our hayfields where we’ll meet you with a picnic of our cheese, charcuterie, and other local seasonal specialties from our area. We then invite you to come back to the barn and watch us do chores at milking time. See for yourself how a real old fashioned dairy farm works- make sure you bring your barn boots! And bring your whole family for an unforgettable experience with us that kids of all ages will love!

Rates for our full experience:

Adults 18 and over $40

Children 13-17 $20

Children 5-12 $10

Children under 5 are free

please inquire about group rate pricing and pricing for horseback and atv rides