100% Natural, PAsture-grazed farmstead Dairy Products

We make food for you the way we make it for our own family – using only wholesome ingredients and recipes passed down through seven generations.

Buying local allows you to truly support practices that you want to see in how your food is produced. 


It's the old fashioned way your grandparents used to drink milk.

We gently pasteurize but don't homogenize, allowing the amazing cream to settle in a rich layer on the top of our whole milk.

You can either pour the cream from the top for the best cup of coffee you've ever tasted, or shake it up for a delicious glassful. 

Available in half gallon (1 liter)


Yes - it really is that color! Our herds naturally produce a rich, yellow butter.

When these special girls are grazing on fresh grass in spring and summer it deepens into a beautiful buttercup yellow.

This butter recipe has won the Chicago World's Fair Award of Excellence!

Available in 8 oz cartons

Our handcrafted traditional style yogurt is made using only our own milk at our own farmstead creamery.

It's made with yogurt cultures in our skim milk with fresh ingredients from local Catskills farmers.

Available in 32 oz cartons in plain and maple