smaller is better

When it comes to farming, bigger isn't the answer.


smaller is better

When it comes to farming, bigger isn't the answer.

When the "get big or get out" mentality took over farming, we stayed our course.

In a world where the majority of people are so far removed from agriculture and where their food comes from, buying from local family farms allows you to support the practices you want to see in how your food is produced.

Industrial factory farms are focused on the bottom line. Bovina Valley Farms run on integrity and transparency - not on cutting corners at the expense of the welfare of our community, environment or animals. 


3 generations under 1 barn roof

 Family is at the heart of everything we do on our farm.

3 generations under 1 barn roof

 Family is at the heart of everything we do on our farm.

Friend your farmerS

Dedicated farmers and expert artisans, the authenticity, passion and charm in each of products starts here. 

Shannon Mason

Shannon grew up as the 6th generation on the Danforth Jersey Farm when it was run by her Grandpa George.  After his passing in 2004, the farm called her back from city life to her roots.  The Jersey herd she inherited is one of the longest running in the country, and she started Cowbella Creamery on the farm in 2010 to share the amazing qualities of Jersey milk with her neighbors.  

Love for her children and family drives her, the legacy given to her by her ancestors inspires her, and she is passionate about preserving what her 200 year old dairy and all small dairies give and represent in our world.



Dan Finn returned to his roots in the Catskills in 2000 and reconnected with his family’s heritage of award-winning cheesemaking. 

Largely self-taught, the lure of cheese making was calling out to Dan through that old family history, and the desire to make a small farm viable again in these challenging times.

The fond memories of growing up surrounded by Bovina’s once thriving dairy community is a recurring theme in his adult life. His Great Grandfather had a reputation for his White Rose Cheddar cheese making in the early turn of the century and left a legacy of award-winning cheeses.


Generations of Kindness

Est. 1817 - family owned and operated ever since.

Generations of Kindness

Est. 1817 - family owned and operated ever since.

Seven Generations Strong

A true labor of love for our family, Danforth Jersey Farm was established in 1817 and set the foundation for creating Cowbella nearly 200 years later

The Start of an American Dream

The Danforth Jersey Farm is built on the dreams and hard work of Nahum and Esther Danforth.


The other George & Martha

Nahum and Esther's son George Washington Danforth inherits the farm. He marries his beloved Martha and they have seven children.


The Original Milkmaid

George Washington, sadly died at a young age leaving Martha widowed with her surviving six young children. She made butter to both support her family and keep the farm in operation. Her amazing story inspired the creation of Cowbella products.


Chicago World's Fair Winner

Martha's original sweet cream butter wins the Chicago World's Fair Award of Excellence which still hangs in the farmhouse kitchen.


One of America's oldest jersey cow herds

Martha's son Everett inheritted the farm and bought the first Jersey bull and heifer, which were the founding animals of our herd that today is the longest established Jersey herd in the country.


Rebuilding the barn

Everett and Anna endured a fire set off by a lightening strike that burned the original barn, but they persevered and rebuilt.


The Next Generation

Everett and Anna's son George Russell marries his sweetheart Marietta. They inherit the new barn and run the farm with daughter Gail and son Russell.


3 Generations Under 1 Barn Roof

Gail and her husband Dave had a daughter Shannon who grew up on the farm with her parents, Uncle Russell, and beloved Grandpa George.


The Seventh Generation

Shannon inherits the farm. Shannon is raising her children Gus and Daisy on the farm. They are the 7th generation to grow up there.


Locally Processed and Produced

We built our Cowbella processing plant right up our road from the barn to begin making Cowbella dairy products.


The Butter That Keeps on Winning

The gold medal awards we won for our butter in 2011 from the North American Jersey Cheese Awards.


Simply Better Together

We are proud to be part of Bovina Valley, a collection of regional businesses with a shared heritage who have come together to craft unique products using traditions past down through generations of our families.