So, many of you friends who've followed us for a while may recognize this girl...it's our beloved Favor! A few Januarys ago, she took an icy dip in our pond starting an ordeal that resulted in her not being able to get up by herself for 6 days.

She was 7 months pregnant at the time, and we nursed her through to have a bouncing full term bully. That should have been enough drama to last her a lifetime, but she managed to pull another stunt last Saturday...Right after we put the cows out of the barn in the morning, she slipped and fell down with her back legs split completely sideways (we dairy farmers call it "splitting themselves" and it is a terribly unnatural position for a cow to be in). We brought in extra muscle and rolled her on her side with her legs in the right position again, but she had really hurt herself and could not get up. So we rolled her again (yes, all 1000 lbs if her) onto a plywood board, pulled the board with the tractor into our dirt driveway, and heaved her back onto solid ground where we hoped she could get more traction to get up. Luckily it was a lovely warm day, so we put plenty of baleage in front of her and let her rest, hoping she'd try to get up in a while. She did, but was not walking well, so we got her settled into one of our big pens in the barn in anticipation of her having more problems. She was not able to get up on her own again, so we rigged up the same hoisting mechanism we used when she went through the ice (did I mention she weighs 1000 lbs?), and helped her get up twice a day to keep her blood flow going to her legs, and to let her eat and get milked. This morning we came down to the barn to see her up by herself! It's a couple of days after Thanksgiving, but we're continuing with the spirit of thankfulness today for this tough (way too accident prone) member of our Cowbella family ❤️