We don't compromise. We give our cows the best life possible.

Cutting corners on our cows' diet, health and environment is not an option for us. This is not a choice that people who want to make the most money possible from their cows decide to do, but it's the choice that we want for our farm.


100% All Natural, Grass, grain and hay filled Diet

Our cows graze on acres of our sweet green grass. We also grow our own baleage, traditional dry hay, haylage and corn silage to keep our cows healthy. No rBST or growth hormones ever.

a Life of Leisure

In the right weather, our cows come inside just for milking. From May to early November, they are free to stay out all night if they please. When they let us know they're ready, we bring them back in. Even in the winter we take our girls out for exercise everyday. 

Each cow has her own personalized stall with her name on it. The stalls each have a mattress bedded with fresh chopped straw every day. We never dock tails, brand or overcrowd our cows.

Home Sweet Home, Best Barn Ever